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My interest in nutrition started in my teens and at the dawn of my twenties, it became a passion that made me read several books, It was very clear in my heart that I wanted to become a registered dietitian. I enrolled in the nutrition program at the University of Montreal in 2000.

My years of studies confirmed what fueled my passion: the thirst for learning and the desire to help others. My goal is to help people feel better and see their eating habits from a more positive perspective. My recommendations are not just theory, they are mainly about what is achievable in everyday life. I have been providing nutrition consulting services since 2004.

I work in the West Island of Montreal and live in the Laurentians. I am married to Vittorio and the mom of 2 beautiful daughters named Mila and Celeste. We also have a little dog called Charlie and a parrot named Tito. We love camping and wakesurfing in the summer. Alpine skiing is our favourite winter activity. 

In the spring of 2019, I was fighting an invasive streptococcal A blood infection that originated from a mastitis. It led to a septic shock and multiple organ failure. Luckily I was spared from many complications that often arise from sepsis. Since then, I've shared my story as awareness is key. I am currently a Patient Advisor and Steering Committee member of the Action on Sepsis Research Cluster of the University of British Columbia. I am also a Patient Partner with Sepsis Canada. 



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