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Yakitori skewers

This Japanese-style BBQ is made with fresh produce from @panierdufermier. It’s so tasty and simple


(Donne 4 portions)

8 to 10 chicken thighs (cut in halves)

1 pineapple (cubed)

2 bunches of green onions (white part cut in halves)

1 medium-sized eggplant (cubed)

1 container of mushrooms

1 bag of mini-peppers

Avocado oil for basting

Fresh cilantro for garnish

Bamboo skewers


3 cloves (finely chopped)

3 tablespoons ginger (juiced or shredded)

3/4 cup Tamari sauce (low sodium)

1/2 cup mirin

3 tablespoons sake

2 tablespoons honey

Ground pepper (to taste)


For the marinade, mix all the ingredients and bring to a boil. Let simmer for 5 minutes. Leave aside a third of the marinade for garnish. Marinate the chicken for at least 2 hours.

Soak the skewers in water for 30min. Meanwhile, salt the eggplant on a baking dish. Add a paper towel and another baking dish with weight over it. Cut the eggplant into cubes before threading. Tread the skewers with chicken, green onions and pineapple. Tread the remaining veggies and baste with oil. Grill on the BBQ for 10 minutes and add marinade while cooking. Garnish with the reserved marinade and fresh cilantro. Enjoy!

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