Spring 2019 - My sepsis story

I was breastfeeding my baby girl when I started having pain from a milk blister. That lasted for about 3 days. On the third night, the pain in the same breast woke me up as it intensified, followed shortly by fever. By mid-morning, it felt like I was fighting a very bad flu.

I went to see my doctor that afternoon and I almost fainted when I came up the stairs of the clinic. I was given a bed right away and shortly after, I vomited many times. My blood pressure was extremely low so the doctors sent me to the nearest hospital by ambulance.

I was quickly under fluid resuscitation when I got there. They found a baseball size abscess in my breast. It took a few more hours to determine that I had sepsis and was at the septic shock stage.

I was fighting an invasive Streptococcal A blood infection which brought multiple organ failure, impetigo on my skin and I ended up with an aspiration pneumonia from vomiting. I stayed in the intensive care unit for 6 days.

When I was admitted, I vaguely knew what sepsis was. I quickly found out that the survival rate was around 50% and that I was hours from dying when I arrived at the hospital. I was so lucky. My organs recovered fully. I was spared from amputations which can occur after surviving a septic shock.

Unfortunately, not everyone with sepsis receives fast treatment or they are sent home with a misdiagnosis. It’s imperative that people recognize the early signs. Know your body. Seeking immediate care is the most important factor. It saved my life.

My energy levels are not what they used to be. A fear of getting sepsis again is omnipresent. Having said that, I choose to only see the positive that sepsis brought. This was truly a gift, as it changed my outlook and the course of my life forever 💫✨



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