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Updated: May 4, 2022

I am so excited to share my first article in partnership with Kaleigraphy @andytherd.

My interest on gut health was a cascade of events. Being a #sepsissurvivor and the current #covid pandemic fueled my desire to start learning as much as I can on the subject.

As we have to make a major rethink on how the world functions, especially on the impacts of humanity on ecosystems, we should rethink at a smaller scale too.

I recently watched the documentary #TheBiggestLittleFarm and it struck me. Ecosystems exists at different levels like entire forests, farms and our own gut #microbiota. They all interact with each other and have to be balanced 💚

Consuming #prebioticsare beneficial for a healthy gut. The #microbiome plays a fundamental role in human health. It’s a complex and dynamic #ecosystem where species are in continuous fluctuation.

Different foods contain different types of prebiotics. Here are some sources :








▫️Artichokes (Jerusalem has more than globe but both kinds have prebiotics)

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